Our Mission Is Simple: Giving you unbiased information on Tattoo Removal Options

All too often the decision to get a tattoo didn’t involve too much planning and research, but the decision to get one removed almost certainly will.

What options are available, how much will it cost, will it work, will it hurt and other questions all need answering before you take the plunge.  And that’s where we come in.  We don’t sell a particular type of tattoo removal, and we don’t have a vested interest in getting you to shop with us (not least because we don’t sell anything!).  What we want is to be is your one-stop location for un-biased, honest information on tattoo removal, so you can make an informed choice.

As part of that service we offer a comprehensive directory you can search by keyword and location to find the tattoo removal solution that works for you.  And yes, we earn our keep by charging businesses to list in our directory, but we promise that:

  • The businesses we list will never effect the impartiality and the unbaised nature of the information we provide on this site
  • We will never list a business that in good faith we don’t believe can provide an adequate service (although you must of course always rely on your own enquiries before choosing a business)

So if the time has come to start thinking about getting rid of some tattoos – we hope you’ll find our site your one-stop location for unbiased, complete information on everything you need to know

Are you a Tattoo Removal Provider?

If you provide a reputable, effective and reliable service we invite you to list your business with us.  We aim to be the No 1 source of tattoo removal information for customers, and the people who visit and use our site are qualified prospects that are serious about tattoo removal.  These are your customers and they want to be able to search for you.

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