If you’ve got your free estimate to fade or remove your Tattoo and you’re thinking of taking the next step, chances are you want to know what actually happens during a Tattoo Removal session.

Thanks to our friends at No Regrets Tattoo Removal, we have this short Tattoo Removal video (just under a minute) of a recent treatment.  When your watching the video keep an eye out for the following:


As the laser hits the tattoo you can see the ink colour change to a whitish colour, and some ‘frosting’ appearing over the ink.  This is a good thing!  It means the treatment is working and the laser is reacting with the tattoo pigment.  The frosting normally disappears after about 15-30 minutes and will be less evident on subsequent visits as there is less ink pigment to react with, but frosting = working!

The Pain Factor

At about the 15 second mark the patient……..momentarily unclenches their fist then clenches it again.  That’s it.  That’s the extent of their reaction to the pain of the laser.  And did you listen to the audio?  Did you hear any screams?  Did you hear the patient cry out ‘For the love of Zeus, stop it now’?  Nope – just the sound of the laser doing it’s thing.  Yes Tattoo Removal does have a level of discomfort to it and you can read more about it here – but you can see this persons reaction to the pain is pretty much non-non-existant.

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