At Tatts a Mistake we see an awful lot of Tattoo Regret.  In the last few months over 500 people have used our Tattoo Removal Calculator to estimate the cost to remove a Tattoo they don’t love.

So we thought we’d crunch the numbers and answer the question, who exactly hates their Tattoo the most?

Females 25-34 years of age, come on down.

People from 18 to 65+ years use our calculator, but more than 1 in 5 are females between the ages of 25-34.  If you’re a female in this age group and you don’t love your Tattoo, your certainly not alone.  And if you’re a female under the age of 25 and thinking about getting a Tattoo for the first time – you might want to stop and think about it for a moment..

Females make up almost two-thirds of all people who hate their tattoo.

62% of all people who want to get rid of their Tattoo are female, compared to 38% of men.  And this trend is across almost all age groups.  The figures are clear – females are almost twice as likely to regret their Tattoo than a male at any age.

Tattoo Removal costs
Regerts? I’ve had a few

25-34 year olds most likely to regret their Tattoos, followed by 18-24.

Looking at all the age groups, 25-34 year olds are the most likely to want to get rid of their  Tattoos.  We were surprised however that the 2nd most likely group were 18-24 year olds.  It seems there’s a lot of people getting a Tattoo and regretting it after just a few years (remember you can’t even legally get a Tattoo until your 18)

Then the trend is what we expected to see – the older the person the less likely they are to want to get rid of their tattoos.  Collectively – 18-34 year olds make up two-thirds of all the people thinking about getting rid of their Tattoos.

Mama, what have I done?  Tattoo Regret by Age and Gender

Age Overall Female Male
18-24 27% 70% 30%
25-34 37% 61% 39%
35-44 20% 51% 49%
45-54 9% 68% 32%
55-64 5% 52% 48%
65+ 2% 20% 80%

Interpreting the Results

We don’t ask people ‘why’ they want to get rid of their Tattoos, but looking at the data and speaking with people who regret their Tattoos as part of our business, we’d suggest the following:

18-34 year olds don’t like their Tattoos because they’re starting to get ahead in their jobs and they’re thinking about promotions.  And guess what?  They’ve noticed that there’s very few people in senior management who have visible tattoos.  Whoops.  Looks like that prediction that ‘everyone would have neck tattoos in 5 years‘ didn’t pay off.  And of course the other life event in this age group wears nappies and cries a lot.  And now you’re a role model for a whole little person and that Tattoo of a Marijuana Leaf doesn’t seem quite as totally awesome as it once did

Dont worry mum im joining a band
What do you mean no promotion?  I’m a star employee

Females in that same age group really don’t like their Tattoos for exactly the same reasons as above plus a bit.  It’s hard enough to break through the glass ceiling, let alone the ink ceiling, and that little bambino thinks you are the absolute most important role model in the world.  Ohhh, and then if you’re 25-34 you’re just the right age to be sporting a tramp stamp….

bad neck tattoo
I can’t wait till my little Babby Girl can read

Older people don’t seem to care that much because – if they did they’d have done something about it by now!  All power to the 65 year old grandparents out there wearing their Tattoo’s with pride!  And even if they don’t love their Tattoo they’re probably at peace with it, so really whats all the fuss?

Got a Tattoo You Regret?  Your Not alone!

Use our Calculator to find out the cost to fade or remove