Thinking of Getting a Tattoo Removed?  Like to appear on a new Channel 9 TV show?

Update:  Applications for this show have now closed.  Thanks to everyone who applied.  If you’re looking for a way to get rid of a Tattoo without having to pay for the treatment head over here and use our Tattoo Removal Calculator – one lucky person will win back the cost of their Treatment

Channel 9 is getting ready to produce a new reality TV show in 2016 called ‘This Time Next Year’ and we’re helping them find people who want to apply to appear on the show!

If you’ve got a compelling reason why you want to get rid of a Tattoo, and you’re happy to be filmed 4 or 5 times throughout the year then maybe you’re the person they’re looking for!

‘This time next year’ is a show about people setting goals and challenges and achieving them over the next 12 months – and getting rid of a unloved Tattoo could be just the thing they’re looking for.  Perhaps it’s holding you back from getting your dream job?  Maybe it reminds you of someone you don’t want to be reminded of anymore?  It could be you’ve got kids who are growing up and are asking you about ‘that’ tattoo?

To be considered for the show you should:

  • Have a strong, interesting or compelling reason why you want to remove the tattoo – remember this is for television!
  • Be happy to be filmed 4-5 times throughout the year
  • Have NOT started your tattoo removal treatment yet

If this sounds like you, complete your details below and we’ll pass on all appropriate applications to ‘This time next year’ for their consideration.

p.s Got a bad Tattoo but don’t want to share it with the world?  Use our calculator to find out the cost to remove it and you could win back the cost of your treatment (and we won’t even film it!)

Lights, Camera, Lasers!