How much does Laser Tattoo Removal Cost?

So how much does laser Tattoo Removal cost?  Click here to use our Tattoo Removal Cost Calculator or read on…

The main factors that need be considered are:

  • How big is the tattoo – obviously the bigger the tattoo the more time it takes to remove
  • What coloured inks were used – some inks (such as black and blue) respond better and faster to laser
  • Was the tattoo done by an amateur or a professional (professional tattoos usually take more effort and time to remove)
  • Your skin type and skin health
  • How many visits are required to complete the treatment (which is really a factor of the above considerations)

As a result, most Laser Tattoo Removal clinics will invite you in for a free consultation to view the tattoo first-hand and provide a quote.  Your total cost will be the cost per treatment (most dependant on the size of the tattoo) x How many visits you’ll require (most dependant on colours used, professional vs amateur tattoo, skin type).

Also be aware that many clinics offer special deals from time to time that can bring the cost down significantly.  Sign up to our newsletter and we’ll let you know when there are any special offers in your area

Click here to use our Tattoo Removal Cost Estimator our use the table below for a rough guide.

Size of TattooApprox. Cost per VisitBased on 4 VisitsBased on 6 VisitsBased on 8 VisitsExample of Size 
Small Tattoo - Size of a 20c piece$80 - $120$320 - $480Hopefully won't be requiredHopefully won't be requiredCost of Extra Small Tattoo Removal
Small Tattoo - Size of a Drivers License$140 - $180$560 - $720$840 - $1,080Hopefully won't be requiredSmall Tattoo Removal Cost
Medium Tattoo - Size of A4 paper folded in half$200 - $350$800 - $1,400$1,200 - $2,100$1,600 - $2,800Medium Sized Tattoo Removal Cost
Large Tattoo - Size of A4 piece of paper$370 - $550+Probably Not possible$2,200 - $3,300$2,960 - $4,400Large_Tattoo_Removal_Prices


Cost of Tattoo Removal Cream treatment

Expect to pay between $400 – $600 for a 6-10 month supply of a treatment such as ‘Tat b Gone’ which is obviously cheaper than an equivalent laser treatment…..if it works….and if it’s safe.  You could also opt for a trial package of a treatment such as Tat b Gone for around $80 to see if it has any noticable impact on your tattoo before committing to a larger purchase