Thinking of Getting a Cheap Tattoo?  Read this first!

So your thinking of getting your first tattoo?  And by the way, we know it’s your first Tattoo because NO-ONE gets a cheap Tattoo a second time.  And you’re probably around 20 yeah?  Just finishing school or at university, got a job that’s paying a bit but not too much, and you’ve decided it’s time to get a Tattoo.

And you’ve searched for ‘cheap tattoos’ on google and found your way here.  Well guess what – we’re not going to tell you don’t get a tattoo (even though statistically there’s around a 30% chance you’ll regret it later on) but we are going to tell you DON’T get a cheap one, because it will cost you in the long run when you pay for your laser tattoo removal.

I promise, if you get a cheap tattoo, you’ll be back here in a few years booking a Tattoo Removal consult or estimating the cost to fade or remove it with our calculator.  Not because you decide you don’t like tattoo’s anymore, but because you don’t like your cheap tattoo.

Here’s what happens – as explained to us by the good folk at Disappear Ink.

You’re in your early 20’s and you get your first Tattoo.  You don’t have a lot of spare cash so you get a cheap tattoo on your right arm.  Looks pretty good, you’re pretty happy with it.

Yeah maybe I could have got a bit better, but it only cost $40
Yeah maybe I could have got a bit better, but it only cost $40

Now your about to turn 30 and you have a bit of disposable income.  Time for another Tattoo.  This time you shop around for a good artist, pay the going price and get a good piece of art on your shoulder.  Hmmm, for the first time you can really see the difference in quality between your first tattoo and this new one now that they’re side-by-side.

better tattoo
Hmmm, that’s a bit more like it. Wish I’d got this first…

Now your in your late 30’s.  Job’s secure, moneys good, time to get the Tattoo you’ve always wanted, the type that turns heads and get’s people’s attention.  And there are some great Tattoo artists out there, and they quite rightly charge a pretty penny.  But that’s ok you can afford to treat yourself.  So you do your research, get that multi-colour, hyper-realistic tattoo on your left arm.  Except there’s only one problem.  Your first tattoo now looks like a complete joke compared to your more recent tattoos.  It looks like a stick figure drawn by a 5 year old who can’t colour within the lines.  Funny – it didn’t look that bad until you had a good tattoo on the other arm to compare it too.  But now it’s an embarrassment.  Every time you look at yourself in the mirror you’re eye is drawn to your first tattoo.  You don’t regret your Tattoos but you DO regret that tattoo.

good tattoo
Geez I look good. Geez my first tattoo looks stoopid.

And what do you end up doing?  You end up visiting Tatts a Mistake, searching for a local clinic and then paying $800+ and spend 10+ months visiting a Tattoo Removal Clinic to fade or remove that terrible tattoo, just so you don’t have to look at it anymore.  So by the time you’ve removed it completely, or faded it enough to do a cover-up tattoo, your ‘cheap’ tattoo is the most expensive of them all

“Good Tattoos aren’t cheap and Cheap Tattoos aren’t good”

Save up until you can afford a Good Tattoo!

It’s a pretty darn simple solution.  Save up your money until you can get the best tattoo you can afford.  Tattoo’s aren’t going anywhere, and giving yourself a few months to save up not only means you don’t end up with a Tattoo that your future self can’t stand, it also gives you the time to research the right artist and the right design.  This is permanent artwork you are going to have inscribed on your body, not a bad haircut that you can grow out in a couple of months and start again.

Whoops.  Already got ‘Cheap Tattoo Regret’?

Sorry to hear that, but that’s where laser tattoo removal comes in.  Why not let us book you a consult with a recommended clinic in your area, or head over to our Tattoo Removal Cost Calculator to get an estimate on the cost and time to fade or remove that cheap tattoo (hint: more time and cost than getting it)